READER SUBMISSION: “MichaelSXX” and his “BLUFslave”






Check out these professional photos of MichaelSXX with his slave. Their MASTER/slave connection is very present in these photos.  It’s quite intoxicating, isn’t it?  Look at the way his slave looks at him.  <3

His handsome slave asked his MASTER’s permission to share these photos on my blog which I appreciate as I really do enjoy sharing photos like these.  It’s basically showcasing artwork.

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Check out this blog post by on SIR MASTER MARK on slavery. In particular, the very last words. Considering how much time gay kinky men spend online looking at blogs and tumblr feeds, our minds can really get clouded with what’s realistic and what is plain fantasy. Trying to have the perfect scene or role playing relationship can really put a burden on everyone involved.

SIR MASTER MARK’s post helps puts a good perspective on the M/s roles.  I found his writing to be very empowering for both sides.


slavery is not about suffering . . 
. .

slavery is about service.

slavery is not about humiliation . . 
. .

slavery is about humility.

slavery is not about pain . . 
. .

slavery is about being present.

slavery is not about being used . . 
. .

slavery is about being of use.

slavery is not about control . . 
. .

slavery is about letting go.

slavery is not about what is done to you . . 
. .

slavery is about what you do for others.

slavery is not about abuse . . 
. .

slavery is about acceptance.

slavery is not about proving anything . . 
. .

slavery is about being real.

slavery is not about contempt . . 
. .

slavery is about respect.

slavery is not about how you look . . 
. .

slavery is about how much you care.

slavery is not about denying yourself . . 
. .

slavery is about being open.

slavery is not about bondage . . 
. .

slavery is about freeing your spirit.

slavery is not about punishment . . 
. .

slavery is about discipline.

slavery is not about being unable to escape . . 
. .

slavery is about being committed.

slavery is not about submission . . 
. .

slavery is about obedience.

slavery is not about fear . . 
. .

slavery is about trust.

slavery is not about sex . . 
. .

slavery is about love.

slavery is not about pleasure . . 
. .

slavery is about happiness

☛ THESE ARE WORDS OF WISDOM. (listen to them)

And once you remove your internet porn inspired fantasies and expectations, you can embrace & live a meaningful and rewarding submissive LIFE. 👉🏿❤️🔐


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Hot Mormon Jock Fucked in Bondage to Prove His Devotion to the Church

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Hunk Drake Tyler has just turned 19 and can’t wait to serve the Church of Latter Day Saints overseas on his mission, but first he seeks the approval of his bishop, Connor Maguire. Noting that a good Mormon missionary has to be ready for whatever the world gives him, Bishop Maguire orders Drake to undergo a physical exam. The bishop “fortunately” has the authority to conduct it himself, and orders Drake to strip naked. Something just doesn’t seem right as Bishop Maguire starts to fondle Drake’s ripped body and gropes Drake’s cock. The bishop retrieves a riding crop and orders Drake on his knees; now something’s definitely not right. The bishop’s warm demeanor turns cruel and perverse as he crops and facefucks Drake in the name of the church. The exam continues to push Drake’s physical limits as he’s bound and flogged in a stress position, balancing one-legged on a stack of books. Drake takes Bishop Maguire’s cock once more in his mouth and ass. The bishop moves the boy over to his desk, fucking him doggy style while zapping his tender body & tormenting the boy’s shoulders with clover clamps. Bishop Maguire tears the clamps from a wailing Drake and busts a hot load onto the boy’s tight ass before feeding Brother Tyler all of his cum. For the final test, Drake spreads his seed all over the Book of Mormon before cleaning every drop of cum off with his tongue.

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A collar is well-known symbol within the BDSM community, but it seems that more and more often I’m seeing newcomers use the collar as simply another fetish accessory. They are unaware of the intense symbolism behind the collar, what it means, why it’s worn and why it shouldn’t be used as a prop.    More…

Steel Bondage in Prison


Maximum security is the name of the game in this video. The prisoner is locked in a cell with a tight-fitting metal helmet surrounding his head, and his wrists are cuffed behind his back. Helpless and blind, he is forced to be docile. He is kept in strict metal bondage while the guards monitor his mental state during this severe treatment.