Spread Eagle in Rubber Catsuit

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Computers and advanced image recognition systems provide continuous monitoring and evaluation of patients during their bondage therapy in Latex Catsuits. If the patient struggles the system will automatically tighten the straps! Seriously though – guys like to see themselves in bondage. In this scene we rigged up a video monitoring system so the subject can see himself, and we can monitor the same video feed in the other room.

Serious Male Bondage


Another READER SUBMISSION from the sexy Rubber boy… “LeatherGloveBoy” from RECON. This time around, he’s sharing his photos as a cute Rubber Puppy.

All photos taken by “Ranter“.


He sent in quite a few sexy photos that I’ll display in the near future.  If you’d like to be a part of a future Reader Submission, send an email to RuffsStuffBlog@gmail.com

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This amazing bondage device was made by Dalton here at the SeriousBondage Institute. Dalton was inspired by a drawing he saw in a magazine by the 1970’s heterosexual bondage illustrator ‘The Bishop’. Our rubber friend Rank put the device to the test with one of his rubber boys, and the result is a super unbelievable video titled ‘On The Edge’ that will be burned into your fetish memory forever. Years from now I’m sure it will achieve cult status, and kinky people world-wide will still be talking about it.

Seriously though, a special thanks to Dalton for building this unique bondage device, and to Rank and his rubber friends fromRMSF.org for allowing us to photograph their intimate play. Also, our hats off to the Bishop for imagining this device in the first place. The Bishop passed away passed away sometime in the 1980’s by his own hand. More information can be found by searching for ‘The Bishop, bondage’.


Serious Male Bondage

“Bound in Public” has their first Annual Rubber Party

Bound In Public: BIP First Anual Rubber Party!

We’re hosting a BIP rubber party with the Rubber Men of SF and all of our horny guests showed up in their best latex for the occasion. Kinky stud Cody Allen has his eyes blindfolded as we present him to the hungry crowd. We quickly tear off Cody’s clothes and put him in a latex jock before having him service our eager guests. Cody is used to the fullest by the crowd, presenting both of his holes for everyone’s pleasure. The kinky slut is then strapped down to have an electric butt plug shoved up his ass. The surges of electricity on Cody’s prostate make his cock stand straight up, and the crowd wastes no time getting a taste of his giant member. The crowd goes crazy as everyone takes turns fucking Cody’s hairy hole. With everyone horny as fuck, the guys waste no time as they spray their hot loads of cum all over the boy’s face.

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