#TBT: Visiting SIRS

50836654368__1CC9D66E-140A-436F-B8D4-230387091F5E.JPGOn a recent long weekend visit to my SIRS I was given some alone time while they both went to work. During that alone time, I had the task of conditioning and shining 8 leather hoods and 6 leather jackets. Several of them were heavy Langlitz Leather jackets.  It all had to be done by the time they got home.   I finished sooner than I thought I would I was rather pleased with myself so I sent them this happy photo.  

RUFF PICS: “Hero” Suit & Jockstrap by Regulation




I’m very happy with my purchase of the “HERO” Suit and Jockstrap with Cod Piece from Regulation. Holds my Holy Trainer in nicely, too.

RUFF PICS: Day 7 in Chastity


As a rule, I don’t normally post about my time in Chastity because I know others that are locked up much, much longer than I’m able to.  I will only be in chastity a mere 2 weeks (play date next week) which is not much to brag about when the Pup I had visit me for MIR was locked for a full month.

But, I decided to share this photo because of what else I’m wearing. One of my SIRS gave me his very well worn older Under Armour compression shorts of which I just made a sweaty and pre-cum-y mess after a long work out.   I love how tight they are. Feels like he’s with me when I wear them.  His shorts made me work harder at the gym while also getting hard in chastity.   

#TBT: Sweet scene at IML 2010

IMG_8265 IMG_8266 IMG_8275 IMG_8277 IMG_8279


Still going through old external hard drives. Today I found some photos from a very sweet scene at IML 2010.

I was working at the Mr S Leather booth at the time doing demos. I also had my camera with me. This fascinated boy had never been in bondage before and asked to be in a Neoprene Sleepsack. We started with just a blindfold. As you can see from that great big smile… he loved it. Eventually, he asked for something more intense so we offered the Isolation Hood. He zoned out for some time there just relaxing in the bondage.

RUFF PICS: Rubber Puppy Hood with blindfold

IMG_9928 IMG_9930

Visited my SIRS recently where I was ordered to “Pup Out” for them in my Rubber Puppy Hood with attached Blindfold (customized). It’s incredibly comfortable and definitely helps me get into the Pup Headspace that they desire.

I’d been ordered into chastity two weeks prior to visiting.  The last night of my visit ended with some fun rope bondage, edging and locked back into Steel Chastity with no release.

#TBT: RUFF THOUGHTS: Growing past bad experiences


Just ran across this older photo from San Francisco around July 2012.   I’m the boy in the Leather Straitjacket.  Another version of the photo in my blog banner above.

It had been a VERY long time since I had done a public scene like this.  I had a bad experience with a inattentive Bondage Top about 12 years ago. That experience sort of damaged my ability to trust others with total control over me in a public setting such as this.  Yet, I still craved this sort of fun years later. Some fantasies just don’t go away.

Time goes by fast and so do opportunities like this.  “Up Your Alley” Fair (Dore Alley) was approaching and I knew this Leather Top that would be attending the event.  He was (is) a close friend that I trust and thought “worst that could happen is that he’d decline”.   Man, it was still difficult to type out the question!  After getting my dorky nervous message… he replied “It would be my pleasure to have this experience with you”.     🙂

That day came and I sort of expected myself to back out but he was great with taking control by making solid plans on when to meet and what to wear.    It all happened so naturally and we had a great time.  This day was very special to me and will always be one of my favorite moments as a Leatherman.  Not just because it was a hot scene with an even hotter friend in full BLUF Gear (WOOF!)… but, because I pushed past the hurt and got to live out a fantasy once again.  

#TBT: My first Chicago Rubbermen party

gallery_93905_wm_37960476 gallery_93906_wm_68809466

I recently found these photos on an old RUBBERZONE gallery that I had forgotten about!    Some of my first rubber.   The Rubber Chaps were from Mr S Leather.   Man, I miss those! 

This was before going out to a Chicago Rubbermen party back in 2007. That’s our first Chicago apartment.  My partner and I had just moved to Chicago.  We were so excited to be a part of a the Leather Community. 

#TBT: with Photographer Adam Kozik

A photo from about 10 years ago with my partner taken by photographer Adam Kozik. I recently did another photoshoot with another local photographer that had me thinking about this series of photos we took. That was a fun day with beautiful Chicago weather on top of roof tops and on train tracks.    Digital photography sure has come a long way since then.  

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 7.02.49 PM.png