#TBT: Visiting San Francisco

Revisiting this #TBT post from 3 years ago because I’m really missing this boy. This long week of play became one of my most memorable experiences in BDSM/Role Playing that I’ve ever had.


Today’s Throw Back Thursday (#TBT) photo is from a visit to San Francisco with my boy “Gars821“. We had all this gear at our disposal in a friend’s dungeon and we wanted to do things we really hadn’t done before together which turned out to be a great Puppy Play scene one of the nights during our 8 day stay. There’s a very, very sexy video to go along with this photo. Someday I’ll share it here.





Throwback Thursday to a time long ago when a lot of photos had a time stamp on them.

This was at IML 2004.  I had just gotten a “Joe Rocket” leather racing suit from eBay and wore it a lot over that weekend.  This was the first time that I had ever geared up so much that nobody knew it was me except for our roomie, “DCKidnap”… and the SIR I started flirting with while in the suit.  I actually got off in the suit while humping his leg in the lobby of the Hyatt.

Happy New Year to my Readers!

A (very) quick wish to all my readers for a Happy New Year.

During our 10th “New Year in Gear” Party, my partner (yes! I have one! 22 years!) gave a very moving toast based off the key points below, before we all rang in the New Year together.

“Our tenth NYE Party in Chicago.
Acknowledge a difficult year with a:
Loss of dreams.
Loss of friends.
Loss of family human and furry.
Loss of an inspiration.
To death or to circumstance.

Now we move on to a new year. Learn. Fill it with love. Fill it with brotherhood and sisterhood. Fill it with family. Fill it with hope because without hope all is lost. Look for new beginnings and most of all don’t let the negative win”.

It was very emotional and understandably some of us were in tears myself included. I didn’t know he was going to do this. It’s one of the proudest moments I’ve ever had of my partner.

Granted, you sort of needed to be there to get the full effective of what he said but maybe some of it will inspire you.



RUFF PICS: Mystery Pup


Another photo from an incredibly disorganized external hard drive. LOL!

I think this is me from a visit to Mr S Leather around the time they had just released the “WOOF!” Muzzle. Or… it’s this very cute Puppy from the south that I met randomly during Folsom Street Fair weekend later flogging him in public at the fair.

Either way… I think it’s a fun candid photo.



This shirt was given to me as a gift by a vendor at MIR 6 years ago. They strategically left it on a rack in their booth for me to find it. When I did, they pounced me from behind.

“Happy Birthday, Ruffy!”

My body has changed quite a bit since 2010 (thanks crossfit). I am so happy it still fits and that I got to show them it this weekend at #MIR20.

One more #TBT: CLAW 2016

IMG_6479Skeeter from Mr S Leather asked me to be a part of a presentation on heavy leather bondage gear during CLAW 2016.    Well, I know better than to say know to “Daddy” and arrived a bit early to see my good friend Mr Kristofer was also going to be a part of the presentation.   In the photo above, you’ll find me in the Heavy Duty Straitjacket resting my head on Mr Kristofer in the Bishop’s Head Harness.    We were both rather exhausted after being bound so long but he took the majority of the abuse from “Daddy’s” boot.

That was such a fun weekend.  I’m very much looking forward to CLAW 2017.


(Oh, yeah… there’s some guy in the Leather Sleepsack on the table in the back.  He was so happy and quiet that we started to clean up after the presentation and nearly “forgot” about him)



Here’s a “Throwback Thursday” photo from about 9-10 years ago. We had just moved to Chicago a few months prior. This was about the time I started exploring my dominant side. While in my first Leather Cop Uniform, I put this boy in a leather racing suit, locking Bondage Mitts and the Bishop’s Head Harness you see in the photo. He’d been instructed not to get off for a few days prior and was very frustrated when I wouldn’t let him rub himself through the leather.

I love how this photo turned out and has recently made the rounds on Tumblr. 

RUFF THOUGHTS: “Life lessons at Dore Alley Fair” (& a #TBT)


Here’s a Throw Back Thursday photo of myself at Dore Alley Fair 2014.  

This photo reminds me of an important life lesson I “re-learned” that summer.  You see, I had a well known crush on these two guys for a long while. When we talked, my mind sort of fogged over. This happens when I am really into someone including the image/role that they portraying (“Totes Dom Top”) and the hot gear they are wearing. I got nervous and awkward around the 2 hot men flirting with me at the street fair as we drank warm beer…. freezing up several times in mid conversation.    DERP!  

I’ve done this all my life.  I call it the “Peter Parker meets Mary Jane” syndrome.  You remember that scene from Spider-man, right?

Right at 00:25

But, the lesson I re-learned… for like… the billionith time that summer?   Sometimes, especially at kinky street fairs, S&M can just stand for… “Stand and Model”. Despite the flirting, they weren’t really into me.  I mean, the fair was closing and I still had not been ordered to lick any boots or drink their piss!  Wake up, Ruff!   

I still look back and laugh at this experience.  My pooooor widdle heart was broken that day!  Awwww… Poor Ruffy.  (Don’t worry, I got over it)  And, yet, this still remains one of my favorite photos.  

….You know, looking back, it really didn’t help that Daddy Richard had me in chastity for 2 weeks prior to that day at Dore Alley Fair….