Ryan Reynolds on GQ

“Deadpool” Movie Test Footage

A few years ago, there was a push to make a “DEADPOOL” Movie after “Wolverine Origins”. But, we all know how that movie turned out. I mean, I enjoyed it because it was X-Men, but it sure didn’t create a lot of interest for “Deadpool” who had an introduction in the movie.

Oh, but, they even did testing with Ryan Reynolds. And, even made a short CGI movie (below). The CGI movie got “leaked” onto the internet recently (you’ve probably already seen it by now) and within a month a release date for a movie was announced.

He’s one of those characters in comics that is a true bad ass that keeps you laughing during the action. Each time I watch this CGI test footage I find something else to laugh about. And, of course, I really dig the costume.