#TBT: Visiting San Francisco

Revisiting this #TBT post from 3 years ago because I’m really missing this boy. This long week of play became one of my most memorable experiences in BDSM/Role Playing that I’ve ever had.


Today’s Throw Back Thursday (#TBT) photo is from a visit to San Francisco with my boy “Gars821“. We had all this gear at our disposal in a friend’s dungeon and we wanted to do things we really hadn’t done before together which turned out to be a great Puppy Play scene one of the nights during our 8 day stay. There’s a very, very sexy video to go along with this photo. Someday I’ll share it here.


LDG Presents: Breath Play – Mark Frazier

Breath Play is obviously one of the most potentially dangerous SM activities, requiring responsibility, trust and scrupulous safety practices. Practitioners describe Breath Play as sensual, euphoric, and erotic. We will explore techniques, methods and safety, and will conclude with a question/answer session and hands-on play.

Mark Frazier is co-owner and executive producer of the International Leather Sir/boy and Community Bootblack contests. He currently owns the Dallas Eagle and is also an ER Nurse.

HUMILIATION: Hot, Edgy and sometimes dangerous

Humiliation scenes involve some intense psychological dynamics, and come in a variety of expressions. On one hand, humiliation can mean “putting someone in their place” – protocols and actions that reinforce a submissive or beta position. On the other hand, humiliation can mean playing with embarrassment and shame. This presentation will discuss shame, disgust, and embarrassment – and why some are attracted to this kind of scene. The presentation will also discuss the ways in which humiliation can reinforce a power exchange dynamic. We will also discuss emotional triggers, negotiating boundaries, and aftercare. We will also demonstrate some of the dynamics and dissect a humiliation scene.