POW! The Superhero Fetish Meetup

Below is a post and major announcement from Pablo Greene, author of the kinky superhero book series How to Kill a Superhero.

Sometimes, I have felt like kinksters don’t take superhero fetish seriously.

But I don’t like to think on negative terms. I like to take action instead of complaining.

Four years ago, I started organizing the Superhero Fetish Meetups at events like Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL), International Mr. Leather (IML), and even New York Comic Con.

At first, just a few people turned out to meet up. They wore their best cosplays, they laughed, took photos together. Some even hooked up or fell in love.

And over the years, it grew, and grew. Other members of the community continued to create superhero meetups I couldn’t attend, and I encouraged them to do it, to keep the energy of the movement going. Brian Bolt Donner was one of these key organizers. Thanks to his efforts and energy, he also¬† created superhero fetish gatherings, dance parties and other events that generated community. This work would not be possible without him.


I am happy to announce that IML has made the Superhero Fetish Meetup an official event in its lineup. It’s going to be LIT.

POW! The Superhero Fetish Meetup

Description of the event on IML’s web site:

May 28, 2-4 p.m., in the Congress Hotel Lobby at International Mr. Leather.

  • Heroes and villains will face off at POW!, the dynamic event that unites the superhero fetish community at IML. Gear yourself up in superhero spandex, rubber or leather (as well as scales, robot armor, or fur) and come meet friendly kinksters who dig tights, capes and superpowers. This is a judgment-free event, and all levels of cosplay are appreciated, including capes.

View the full IML schedule at their website.