Available now at Bound Gods: Infiltrating A Redz Lair

While the bondage loving Redz tribe are away, Jeremy Stevens is left behind to watch over their lair. Late one night he brings a hot stud, Connor Maguire to the lair for some fun. Jeremy begins tying up Connor’s muscular body as he sucks Connor’s rock hard cock. When Jeremy unties Connor, he soon realizes his mistake as Connor pounces on him, revealing his Onyx identity. Connor tears away Jeremy’s Redz uniform and edges the Redz member over and over. Jeremy’s bent over to swallow Connor’s cock before taking a rough fucking from the Onyx member. After he’s beaten with the flogger, the Redz member finds himself bound on the ground, with his balls trapped in an electrical device. Once Connor shoves an electrical butt plug up Jeremy’s ass, he begins tormenting his balls and his prostate with shocks of electricity. After one last fuck, Connor milks a load out of Jeremy’s cock before spraying his own hot cum all over the Redz face.

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Available now at Bound Gods: Unwilling Onyx Recruit Mike Gaite – The Onyx & The Redz Series

Adam Herst descends upon unsuspecting Onyx recruit Mike Gaite, lost in a dark alley. He chains him to a concrete wall and beats him with a crop, commanding his muscled captives obedience, then strips his clothes and sucks his thick cock even as Mike begs him to stop. Adams new recruit finds himself bent over a trash can with his arms chained behind his back and his shirt wadded into a gag in his mouth, as Adam fucks his solid ass. Adam then binds his recruit in belts and flogs him while making him suck his perfect cock. Mikes then suspended and fucked, and finally blows his hot load while getting plowed over a cage that will eventually be his prison. Adam completes his recruits initiation by shooting his huge load on his face and making him suck it clean.


RUFF THOUGHTS: Cosplay Search

OK, yeah, so I’m sorta getting into the Cosplay scene and… shocker… I don’t know where the best play to get Cosplay gear.  In particular, the new stealth uniform Chris Evans is wearing in the new Captain America trailer.  In spandex, of course.   😉

Do any of my Cosplay readers have any suggestions or links? Feel free to email me.   RuffsStuffBlog @ gmail dot comxyyc.pngScreen Shot 2013-06-09 at 3.11.27 PM

1st Chapter FREE of “How to Kill a Superhero”


Pervy origins, pervy fetishes

Today we’re excited to share with you the first chapter of How to Kill a Superhero: A Gay Bondage Manual,  arrives OCTOBER 8 from Beast Within Books.



My name is Roland.

On the night of my twenty-eighth birthday, my friends took me out for dinner. We shared heaps of enchiladas, frosty bottles of beer, limes on the rim. I tossed back a couple of shots. I blew out candles on a red velvet cake, and our waitress led all of us at the table in an off-key rendition of the happy birthday song. Earlier, I had left my car at home on purpose, because I knew I would have a beer or two at the restaurant. By the time we paid the bill, I had drunk seven bottles and downed four shots. I walked home from dinner alone, comforted by the false safety provided by my cell phone and the gauzy softness of my whiskey buzz.

It was only midnight, but my neighborhood was a quiet one at this hour. As I walked, I heard nothing more than my own steps as they hit the sidewalk. As I turned the corner onto my street, a person jumped on me from behind. Quick jabs to my kidneys brought me down to my knees, and something sharp punctured my skin…”

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QUESTIONS FOR THE AUTHOR? You can find Pablo Green on Twitter:  @pablogreene


Available now at Bound Gods: Onyx vs Redz – Pre-Folsom Street Fair Live Show

Two Redz captives, Jessie Colter and Alessio Romero, are dragged front and center, hoods on their heads and their hands cuffed behind them. Once unmasked both subs are put right to work, servicing Onyx doms of the house Christian Wilde and Hayden Richards, shoving their big hard cocks down their throats. In the Onyx lair, both Redz are then bound in the center of the room as Van gives them a taste of the single tail on their backside. The torment continues as Christian and Hayden drip hot wax all over Jessie and Alessio’s torso, burning the pubes on their balls as they scream in pain. Their holes are opened for their masters as Christian and Hayden relentlessly fuck them. Both subs are brought to their knees as they service their master’s feet. On the sybian’s, Alessio and Jessie have clothespins attached all down their torso as they’re ordered to see who can cum first. First one to cum gets the clothespins taken off and rewarded with cum all over his face, while the loser has his clothespins cropped off one by one.

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