Some fun Camo Leggings by “LED Queens”

Nearly 20 Different Designs. Not just camo, too!

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“I Wore Meggings for One Week, & I’m Never Going Back”


“I’ll be honest: sometimes, I wear sweatpants in public. And when I do, I can hear the words of Jerry Seinfeld chastising George Costanza in my head: “You’re telling the world, ‘I give up! I can’t compete in normal society. I’m miserable, so I might as well be comfortable.'” When this happens, I’m always jealous of my female friends, who feel comfortable wearing leggings outside the gym. So to see what I was missing out on, I decided to wear meggings (or man leggings) for an entire week.

The first time I donned a pair of meggings, I looked like I’d been dipped in 24-karat gold from the waist down. The shiny polyester/spandex material clung to my body like the casing around a sausage”.



Love these tights!

Anything by Virus Compression is great. I have 3 of their tights. The tightest compression I’ve ever tried. Even better than Under Armour. (And that’s saying a lot since I sadly own stock in UA).


Spandex Tights

“Finch” in Spandex

Dayum had a nice burger 🍔 here’s the after look 😋

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Got today new pro Nike combats! Thanks for checking my wish list 😘 love them! Here's a lil show off in them

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From the author of “How to kill a Superhero”

14257653_1854791084757031_4082179525671681711_o“I always asked myself why there aren’t more Latino superheroes in pop culture, and instead of complaining, I created my own. Chaac is a superhero from the Mayan jungles, and he draws his power from the god of storms and rain. I’ll be writing about him soon in the next How to Kill a Superhero book. In the meantime, you can get Chaac on a tee.This shirt is printed on Bella and Canvas’ tri-blend T-Shirt and it’s made by 13SC Clothing”.

You can get it here:

“MusclesnGear” on Instagram

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Here’s one of my favorite Fetishists ever… and all around super sweet and great guy… “MusclesnGear”.   This handsome man has a fetish for proudly wearing his spandex out in public especially when he’s working out. He seems to have no shame about it which is sort of inspiring. You can check out more of him working out and posing in his gear on his Instagram account.

He and I both agree that he needs to take more photos in Rubber.  Wouldn’t you agree?   😉