New photos from “MUSCLESnGEAR” on Instagram

Freaking love these tights. 👌😈💪🏼☑️💯⬆️🔝👍

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Post gym shot. Feels good to wear the tight gear!

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Got this new outfit – should I wear it to the gym?

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Saturday deadlifts. Love em!

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“MusclesnGear” on Instagram

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Here’s one of my favorite Fetishists ever… and all around super sweet and great guy… “MusclesnGear”.   This handsome man has a fetish for proudly wearing his spandex out in public especially when he’s working out. He seems to have no shame about it which is sort of inspiring. You can check out more of him working out and posing in his gear on his Instagram account.

He and I both agree that he needs to take more photos in Rubber.  Wouldn’t you agree?   😉 


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