Reader Submission: “ImmobilizeMe”


immobilizeme_003 immobilizeme_008 immobilizeme_010 immobilizeme_014Thank you to “ImmobilizeMe” for sharing these fantastic bondage photos in this READER SUBMISSION.  I’ve seen the boy behind the muzzle.  It’s a real “shame” that he’s covered that cute face.

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A *BLAST* of Leather Dominance & submission

tumblr_msogknDkWg1rhcav1o1_500fav 888 fav 66 fave 4 fav 3 fav 1 Fav BLUFIn case you were curious about me, this entry is definitely filed under…

“Ruff’s Idea of a Good Time”.


How I spent my day at Dore Alley Fair 2013

Well, part of the day anyways. It’d been a very, very long time since I was anyone’s public Bondage Boy.  I’ll post a more in depth review of my Dore Alley Fair weekend later on but this was the highlight of the trip.  Thank you, SIR.