Today’s Throwback Thursday is a picture that’s about 12 years old. My partner and I had been talking for a short while to this very cute A&F boy that looked a bit like Matt Damon (he disagreed). He had not been to many gay bars and wasn’t totally out of the closet. But, he was very much into the idea of being bound and dominated. Somehow, we talked him flying from down in the south to our city in Ohio. I had joked a little with him about kidnapping him from the airport but didn’t think he’d really into it. Like a good boy scout, I did bring some bondage materials just in case. When he got into my truck, he gave me a look of “Well? Let’s do it!”.

I made sure I took some dirt roads in 4×4 mode to make it a bit more interesting (although safe). I can still remember his giggle from under the spandex hood.



Today’s Throwback Thursday comes from Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco back in 2012. There was a guy walking around the fair asking people to write all over his body with permanent marker. He asked me several times that day. I figured… why not?

This was also the year that “Lady Bunny” stepped on my boot bruising my big toe to a point that I thought it was broken at the end of the day. Ah, Folsom. You never disappoint. DSC03985