New from “IRON LOCK UP”

full_02 full_09Sir Pan tests out his new piece of gear, a custom made 7’6″ diameter rotating steel octagon on Prisoner #12282010. The Prisoner is suspended by chain to the octagon and fucked with while being inverted several times – strapped in painfully by heavy steel chain. Eventually Sir Pan allows the Prisoner to cum while inverted and he blows a huge load all over his own face.


Zapped and Stretched

Zerotsm-StretchedAndZapped-003-R145 Zerotsm-StretchedAndZapped-002-R145 Zerotsm-StretchedAndZapped-001-R145

Zerotsm sent us this very hot video of one of his bondage experiences. The e-stim session is quite extreme, and it is not a ‘make you cum’ arrangement. It is more of a ‘fuck with you while you are in a really stressful position’ kind of session. I like it because you can just stay right there and watch. No comments or set up, just moans and struggling. Check out the braided wire sleeve pulling on his cock. It’s hooked to the e-stim and the more he pulls, the tighter the sleeve gets. I believe this is the first time I have seen this arrangement. Very effective. A special thanks to Zerotsm for sharing this hot video with us.


Serious Male Bondage