Yet, another batch of sexy photos from “UKBound101“. I had the pleasure of meeting this handsome boy during RECON’s Fetish Week in London. He wears the Rubber Skinhead gear just as well as those photos you have seen on my blog and in his profile. Today, he’s sent some photos of a scene he did as a TOP… in Chastity… with another boy, “marleyshedge in Chastity. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? But, from what he said, they boy had a great time.


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This READER SUBMISSION comes from a very, very cute Bondage Boy from the United Kingdom that goes by the handle “UKBound101”…or as his MASTER calls him… “SHITHEAD”. Below you’ll find the story behind his nickname.  


IMAG0553 IMAG0555_s1 IMAG0557 IMAG0561

“SIR likes me to remember my place and all I care about is making Him proud of His property, so when I was putting together my new rubber skinboi uniform I found myself begging Him to be allowed to label myself with His name for me – SHITHEAD. This is the third uniform to be labeled like this for SIR, and I doubt it will be the last!”- UKBound101

He sent in quite a few sexy photos that I’ll display in the near future.  If you’d like to be a part of a future Reader Submission, send an email to