Leather Weather

With warmer weather comes “Leather Weather”. I’m planning on attending Kinky Street festivals in NYC, San Francisco and London this summer and have been thinking about getting some Leather Shorts. I really like the Leather Carpenter Cargo Shorts because they have great pockets and the front Sailor Front Zip feature. Now, if only I could decide between the Camo or plain black?

Also, I should note that Jonathan from Mr S Leather wore these at IML 2015. Photos of his Ass were trending on Twitter that weekend. They give you a great Bubble Butt!

Camo-Carpenter-Cargo-Shorts-L064C-21 Camo-Carpenter-Cargo-Shorts-L064C-35 Leather-Cargo-Shorts-Gay-BDSM-Wesco-Boots-L064-27 Leather-Cargo-Shorts-Gay-BDSM-Wesco-Boots-L064-36

Leather Carpenter Cargo Shorts